It’s the SOY


It’s the fucking soy.

Because I’m uber annoyed at my 5 month long plateau, I hunted around my food log from the end of September/early October. And it was RIGHT THERE. In my face.


It was then that I really dove into vegetarianism head on. Using soy-meat-repleacements like no ones business. 1-3 times a day on average.

And we all know what too much soy means…


And estrogen likes to keep us fluffy.

But what else does estrogen do? Especially when it’s out of balance?


Yet another issue that is possibly tied to the soy. My worsening “PMDD”.  Which I’m now convinced, after reading, is quite possibly due to my excess intake of soy products.

The resolution?

The easiest one is to incorporate more animal proteins back into my diet and see if my plateau drops and my “PMDD” gets better.


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