An Open Letter To Disney…

Dear Disney,

As my recorded episode of The Octonauts came to an end, I happened to catch the opening of one of the tweeny type shows on Disney.

And to say I was shocked is putting it mildly…

This is what I heard (courtesy of:

Uh-oh! Dad’s here.
Donuts! Run for your lives! Up top.
It’s not funny anymore.
Dad’s lost a bunch of weight.
Thanks a lot, dad.
You got skinny and killed all my best material.
Actually, I’ve lost so much weight, I gotta start buying my clothes in a regular store now.
No more “Benny’s Huge and Bald”? “Lenny’s Big and Tall”.
But I love Lenny’s.
It’s the only store with steel-reinforced dressing rooms.
The only store where the freight entrance is also the main entrance.
( Laughing ) Okay, wait wait.
Okay, I got one.
It’s the only store where the large sizes are big and the small ones Aren’t.
Yeah, I guess I don’t got one.
All right.
I’m off to the Mall.
Shopping without shame.
This is gonna be different.
Hey, dad.
Just don’t get a hairpiece.
I mean, you gotta leave me something.
Where the big people are so fat – P.

This is part of the reason why kids bully and tease. This is part of the reason why kids have eating disorders. This is part of the reason why kids think it’s ok to mock and make fun of others.

And this isn’t the first time I’ve seen/heard something like this on this channel. I’ve also seen them mock a young Indian boy dressed in traditional Indian clothes. Amoung other things.

I just find it sad that when we are a society big on anti-bullying that you, the Disney channel,  finds this as being acceptable  behaviour to show young impressionable kids. It almost makes me want to boycott your channel but my toddletot loves Mickey Mouse.




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