It sure ain’t easy

There are times where I wonder if I’ll ever reach my goal weight. It seems no matter how hard I try, some days I slip. Sometimes it’s a little slip. Sometimes it’s huge.

I used to let a small slip turn into a big week long bingefest, because really – who restarts a diet on a Wednesday? Not this chick.

But I also beat myself up emotionally about the little missteps along the way. Almost too much. Which then makes me feel worse. And then I eat.

No one ever said losing weight was easy. This is fucking tough. And a long journey too. And people say the harder the battle, the sweeter victory is. But clearly they’ve never eaten Nutella.

So I really need to reevaluate myself. And how I deal with the missteps that WILL happen.

I need to learn from them. Make myself better. Make better choices. Allow myself to slip, but pick myself back up.

And realize that this journey will not be easy, but I can make it easier.


3 thoughts on “It sure ain’t easy

  1. Hi, I’ve never commented on your posts before, but I wanted to this time. I came across your blog on Baby Center and I’m glad I did because I love your posts! We also follow each other on Instagram (iamsarahfigs). Anyhow, I wanted to comment on this because I know exactly how you feel and thought I might be able to share some words of encouragement or maybe advice? I have the same problem of letting a slipup lead to bigger slipups or even a full on binge. One thing that has helped me (reduced the amount of binges and slipups at least) is that I’ve stopped setting time limits on myself. Like losing 5lbs by such and such date. I don’t like the term “diet”. I’m trying to look at it as a lifestyle (I know, cliché) but it has helped. I know that eventually my weight will go down as long as I have more “good” days than bad days. I use everyday as a clean slate, no matter what day of the week it is. Funny thing is I got back on track Wednesday after gorging on one too many tacos Tuesday night (like 12). Just gotta convince yourself that the damage was very minimal and there’s no reason to make it worse. And as horrible as it sounds, I almost NEVER let a binge exceed two days. I force myself to stop and start over no matter what. Sorry for the novel, and sorry if none of what I have said has helped, but I wanted to let you know you can and will get past this! Once your plateau is over I’m sure you’ll gain momentum again. I’m stuck too, but i keep trying ’cause it’s all I can do. Good luck! 🙂

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