The end of the fat me. The beginning of a better me.

Yesterday I decided (again), that it would be my last day gorging myself on crap. I felt sick all day, yet I ate peeps like it was my day job.

I had heartburn so bad that I’ve not had since I was pregnant. I felt bloated. Gross.

I also made the big mistake (?) in checking my blood sugar. And apparently attempting to go out in a diabetic coma bang was my mission.

I decided yesterday that starting today, no more sweets for a month. And limiting my diet soda from once a day to once a week. I also need to stop eating off of TheSmoosh’s plate.

The soda will be easy. The other two? Not so much.

My goal is to get thru the first week. After that it should be a piece of cake…. Pun intended.

But what solidified my determination was what I saw on the scale this morning…….


That’s almost a 4lb gain in a week!

So instead of crying & eating, I stepped off that scale more determined than ever.

Flashes of a diabetic lifestyle came into my head. Seeing TheSmoosh following my example of poor eating. Seeing myself continue to grow outward….

I need to stop now.

I need to better myself.

TheSmoosh deserves a mom who is a good role model.

TheHubs deserves a healthy and happy wife.

And I deserve all of that the most…



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