Days like today

Days like today…

Would normally send me into a stress eating frenzy.

Here’s some math for you:

6 hours of sleep + 18 month old who won’t nap + uninstalling & reinstalling your iTrackBites only to discover that the account you create is USELESS for saving your data for backup unless you pay = stupid stress

So I feebly attempted to recount my last week. I only remembered I ate 51 weeklies and my exercise from yesterday.

So I entered those, drank coffee and moved on.

Eating, getting mad, etc does no good.

Sure, I said a few choice 4 & 5 letter words as I installed the app only to see EVERYTHING is gone, who wouldn’t?

But what can I do?

Recall the important things (weeklies used & the APs I could remember, and today’s food), and move on.

And in this moment, I feel good.

I didn’t let stress take over.

And that my friends, is progress.


2 thoughts on “Days like today

  1. I can’t tell you how much your blog inspires me! I found out about it through the bbc GD board, and am now 6 months pp and struggling to lose weight! 10 pounds less than prepregnancy, but still wanting to lose about 35 pounds. You remind me that we are all human and we all slip up, but we just need to keep pushing forward. When I have a bad eating day, it’s like I just throw my hands up and eat more since I have ruined my points for the day anyway. You help me stay positive on this journey! Thank you!

    • That makes me so happy to hear!!! I always need a reminder that one slip doesn’t = throwing in the towel. And it’s hard to remember!
      It’s all about making small changes that stick!
      I’m the same position- 10lbs less than pre preg & about 35-40 to go! We got this!

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