Gah! Loser again!

Totally forgot to update… But despite my 78 point Saturday last week & going over a few more times here & there……..


Down 1lb!! And considering everything I was ecstatic!!

This week is most likely going to mirror last week, but I’m determined to have a similar outcome.

It’s tough because TheHubs is away for the week (hello emotional eating), then my parents are coming up this Wednesday. So even though I went over on Saturday again (78pts) due to an early Mother’s Day dinner, I’m focusing on what I can do NOW. And that’s racking up APs and staying on point as best as I can.


2 thoughts on “Gah! Loser again!

  1. So you decided to follow me on Twitter again. And here I discover that you are midget with a fat ass and a baby.

    Yea Yea I missed you too. Don’t beat yourself up over the weight, it just makes things that much harder. I know as I have reached Type 2 diabetes stage as I passed 250 with yet another neck operation looming down the road.

    I discovered doing water exercises as they are least painful but very effective

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