When exercise isn’t enough…

So, for a few weeks I was able to get away with eating ‘poorly’ and losing/maintaining because I’ve been walking.

Well, that good fortune has finally run out.

After 3 weeks of eating all my weeklies (and then some) on Saturday, and attempting to stay on point the remainder of the week, it seems like my body is rebelling.

This week was hard because TheHubs was gone & then my parents were here. I ate like every meal was my last.

Stress/emotional eating at it’s finest.

And it’s apparent that I NEED to change how strict I am with my diet. Or I will continue to play with the same 5lbs for eternity.

So I’m going to have to be tougher on myself.

And I need to realize that food will always be there, so I don’t need to gorge on cake like it’s the last cake ever.


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