And It’s Time For A Change….

After some thinking… actually, a lot of thinking, I’m stepping back from WeightWatchers (again), but with a specific goal in mind.

Often, I find myself eating because I have points left over. Because I “have” to eat all my points. I find myself juggling food options, omitting foods I want in favour of unhealthy options because it fits in my points.

I also constantly am obsessing over points. And when not doing WW, I’m always thinking of calories. And eating because I have x amount of points/calories left.

I’ve lost touch with what really matters.

And that’s how my body feels.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cleaned my plate off because of the points, even though at the end of the meal I felt the overwhelming urge to hurl.

I need to get back to listening to my body. Not counting calories, not tracking points.

I also need to incorporate a better choice in foods. So I’m going with a quasi-Whole30esque semipaleo type diet. Limiting refined sugars, and grains, opting for no breads when possible, and limited dairy.

Here’s to hoping that listening to my body and making a diet modification can help me get past this long plateau.


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