Stuck in the 200s


Another ‘meh’ weigh in….

I’m starting to feel defeated. Like I want to crawl in the fetal position and cry. Forever.

Almost a week into ‘no tracking no weighing just listen to my body’ I’m down almost 2lbs. Which is great. But I know it won’t last. Monday I will weigh in heavier than today, and next Saturday I’ll be the same or close to what I weigh today. Rinse & repeat.

So what do I do?

Get up and fight.

I know I haven’t been giving 100%. Probably closer to 75%, if that. So I NEED to give more. I NEED to say no. I NEED to push.

I’m debating on putting the scale in witness protection for 2 weeks. I debated a month but that scares me. I think I weigh myself so much that I focus on that moreso than what’s actually going on.

And this no tracking thing? It’s been very nice. I’ve stayed on point for the most part, but I won’t lie, it’s a challenge.

I do have a time goal, 199.6 by July 8th. Based on today’s weigh in, it’s roughly 6lbs in 6 weeks.

It would be the best present to myself to get myself out of the 200s.


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