My Deepest Apologies, WeightWatchers….

You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone….


No, we didn’t pave paradise and put up a parking lot…

I’m talking about accountability.

My past few days {ok, few weeks} of not tracking has made me think. It’s been very eye opening. But it also gave me a breather.

A time where I wasn’t fixated on the minute details. The points. The number on the scale. It allowed me to feel. To listen. To really pay attention.

I didn’t gain {much}, but I didn’t lose. So I really didn’t benefit on the scale with this little ‘experiment’. But mentally and emotionally and physically, I benefited greatly.

I learned that I CAN be satiated by veggies and hummus for a snack. I learned that fixating on the little details doesn’t do much but drive me insane.

I learned to breathe.

I learned to see what’s in front of me.

I learned that I need to give more effort towards keeping my diet in check.

I learned that I’m progressing. Albeit slowly, I am moving forward.

But I also learned that I NEED that accountability. That safety check of seeing those points. That reassurance that I had a good day. That I made good choices.

So, WeightWatchers, if you’re willing to take me back, I’ll gladly dust off my iTrackBites app and rekindle my love affair with you.


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