Ok, so getting food poisoning on Friday and attempting to restart WeightWatchers on Saturday probably wasn’t my best idea but……

Friday I barely ate. I spent most of the day in the bathroom. Too afraid to eat for most of the day,  I stuck with toast.

Saturday I felt better. My stomach was still weird, so again I stuck with toast,  saltines with peanut butter and gatorade.

By lunch time I was already over my points so I just stopped counting.

I was mad.

Mad at WW for their stupid points system.

Mad because I just wanted a damn piece of toast with a smidgen of PB, but at 4 points per piece… well, it adds up. Even my watered down gatorade was 4 points per bottle.  But it was my best bet at staying hydrated.

Mad because I should’ve known better than to restart the day after puking my brains out.

So I’m not quite sure where I’m going next.

I’m not sure if ww will work. Or if I’m throwing in the towel too soon.

I have no idea.


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