Taking Back Control

I’ve become lazy. Looking for an easy way out. Knowing full well, if something is easy there must be a catch.

I’ve made excuses. It’s not me, it’s the diet. It’s too hard.

I’ve grown frustrated with myself, but for the wrong reasons.

For trying and trying to find something or someone other than myself for my current plateau.

When the only person who is capable of making those changes and wanting those changes to stick is me.


Not you. Not weight watchers. Not the paleo diet. Not myfitnesspal.


I know I was flip-floppy last night about where I wanted to go. But my little heart knew the answer…

Should I have been naive enough to try to restart the day after being sick? No. But hindsight is 20/20.

So starting today I’m making the effort. Making weight watchers work for me. Making myself stop making excuses, stop being lazy. And just do it.

Laziness had gotten the best of me.

And I’m tired of being lazy. Tired of making the excuses {and not just with WW, but with my daily life too}.

I have 20 days til Montreal and a little over a month til my birthday. I need to make every day count.

Starting today.


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