Cue All The Emotions

If anyone follows me on Facebook, twitter or Instagram, you know that our precious chihuahua, TheWheeze, is not doing well.

Today is the day I dread, taking him to the vet.

I’m still holding onto that glimmer of hope.

My emotions are strong. And they’re telling me to eat. Eat donuts, specifically.

I know, depending on what happens at 2:30 today, that I will try hard to fight those old habits of eating my sadness {or happiness}.

It’s going to be rough… But I have to be strong.

Strong for TheWheeze.


2 thoughts on “Cue All The Emotions

  1. I love you and know how much you love that pup. No matter what happens, you’ve given him an amazing life and he is happy and loved. If you want a donut, have one. Because you know the only thing that will really make you feel better is your family (human and furry) and time.

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