And So It Goes…

Today, TheSmoosh and I took our daily walk to the rail trail instead of our usual up & down route on our driveway.

I didn’t have earphones, and I felt rude playing music out loud from my iPod when so many other were walking by.

So it gave me a clear head. Which can be good or bad.

In this case, it was good.

I realized that there are a few correctable issues with my plateau. And all begin with me.

I know that I’m quick to quit. As soon as things get tricky in how to count points, I give up, don’t track and then I get stuck in that limbo.

I rely too much on what worked before, both diet and exercise.

And I have no self control.

So, what’s a girl to do?

I NEED to stick to ONE plan of attack, either points or calories, because it’s evident I NEED to track. And I need to stick with it, in good and bad times. In sickness and in health…. I can not keep flip flopping between things because I had a rough meal/day/week/month. No more.

I NEED to vary my exercise, even just a little. I NEED to push myself.

I NEED to regain {or in my case, gain} self control. Just because I buy something, does not mean I need to eat it.

So starting tomorrow I’m going in 200%. No more excuses. No more broken records. No more plateau.

The time is now.


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