Trip to Montreal was filled with gluttony. And almost 20 miles of walking in ONE DAY.

I expected a gain (and got one), knowing it was probably water weight (thanks sodium!).

And took a few days to regroup.

I decided to go with myfitnesspal for a month. No straying. Honest tracking. Good choices.

And so far it’s awesome.

I’m not sure, but I think it’s a mental game right now. I need to focus more on food & less on the points. Or atleast learn to love them.

But right now this seems to be the path I mentally need to take.

I felt better, physically & mentally this past week. I’m making good food choices & seeing my calories, carbs, proteins & fats all fall at my set guidelines. Which is encouraging.

So we’ll see what this month brings. But I NEED that month of solid one-way tracking to see results.

Then reevaluate.


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