Phase II

I weighed in this morning.

I did not need my coffee after seeing the number on the scale. That alone was a big wake up call. A slap to the face. With a baseball bat.


After the first 3 numbers I kinda blacked out in a rage only those struggling with weight loss might understand.


Against myself.

Against the machine…. Errr, the scale.

That number symbolized my laziness. My lack of motivation. My lack of will power.

It showed a of my hard work last year was almost halfway erased.

For what?

Type 2 diabetes, fo sho. {because that’s inevitable if I keep this up}.

So I thought….

Why not start fresh?

I always use my start weight as 234.6 {my post baby weight}, but I keep seeing that total weight loss decline…..

So why not use today’s weight?

I mean, who {besides me} is really counting?

And so here I start…

Weight loss mission: phase II


2 thoughts on “Phase II

  1. I totally empathize with this post!! I’ve also been struggling lately trying to find something that ‘works’ for me but I’m starting to realize any of them would work if I would I would do the WORK. I’ve been using the MFP app and have at least been maintaining the past two weeks which I suppose is better than gaining. After two back to back miscarriages this year I keep telling myself this is my chance to lose more weight before number two but I can’t seem to light my own fire. 😦

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