Life’s like an hour glass glued to the table

There I was. In my car.

Shoving an individual sized lemon pie pocket thing into my mouth, sobbing whilst the sweet sound of Anna Nalik’s 2am song played loudly.

I attempted to sing along to stop the tears… but there was pie in my mouth. Pie.

And there I was.

Pie faced down in a nasty downward spiral.

This plateau has hit me hard. And as angry as I am about it, I can’t get out of it. I can’t get out of this rut. This lazy lazy rut.

And it’s my own fault.

Instead of channeling my strengths, my weaknesses have grown stronger.  My excuses have excuses,  and those excuses have excuses.

It’s funny though… because I can give the best advice to others, yet I can’t take my own… stop caling yourself fat, break the cycle,  just say no…

But it’s time.

It’s time I do listen to my own advice. Time for me to make changes….

And the first thing is to no longer be the ‘woe is me I’m going to be fat forever…’ mentality. No more. And with that goes the label of ‘fatass’.

Next I have to practice the art of saying no. And just because someone else is eating, doesn’t mean I have to be eating.

And there begins the changes…

With that being said… this blog will be retired.  I need to no longer be the fatass who is writing a diary.  I need to be the chick who is going from fluffy to fit & fabulous…..

And there begins the new journey.

A fresh one.

With my BFF, Chrissy Princ.

I’ll link the new blog later, but rest assured it will be awesomesauce.


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