The Greatest Failure Is Giving Up

I honestly don’t even know where to begin.

I feel like I have given up. Like I’ve let food win. And I honestly didn’t care. So I ate.

I ate myself up to a size 22//24. Gained almost 50lbs. Lost my self control. Lost my desire to live a healthy life. Lost my vision. Became focused on eating. Stretching my stretchy pants to their breaking point. Becoming uncomfortable in my own skin. Getting to the point I can’t bend over. I’m out of breath from going up stairs.  I became lazy. And tired all the time. I just want to sleep.

Things have gotten out of control and I need to regain that control. I keep saying “tomorrow”, but tomorrow turns into yesterday, and so on and so on, and the next thing you know it’s 5 months later and what should have been 10 lbs to relose is now 50lbs.

And so now I begin my journey from scratch. From the beginning.


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